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Surfboards and Scooters in the Pacific Northwest.

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Welcome to OfSeaAndShore. We are a specialty shop that offers surfboards and scooters in Pacific Beach, WA. Our store is just a short drive from Ocean Shores.

The Pacific Northwest is known for having some great places to go surfing. There are many spots in Washington state that have good, reliable conditions for surfing. Westport (a reasonable drive from Ocean Shores) is probably the most consistent place to surf in the Ocean Shores area, but Damon Point can also be good if the conditions are right.

When the surfing conditions are not good, there's still plenty of other fun stuff to do in Pacific Beach. If you go about a mile south to Seabrook you will encounter one of the most charming little beach communities you will ever see. It is modeled after Seaside, FL and it is the perfect place to ride a bike or a scooter!

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