Cannon Beach

Cannon BeachCannon Beach is a great place to visit but an even better place to live. This seaside resort has managed to maintain its small town feel despite its popularity with tourists. While it is a highly desirable location property prices are still affordable. If you are looking for a vacation home or something more permanent you may want to take a closer look at the advantages of living in Cannon Beach.


GearhartGearhart is indeed a breath of fresh air for people who look for a wholesome and relaxed community. With its stunning nature views, country feel, and idyllic beaches, you will surely find more reasons to settle down and invest in a property in this beautiful Oregon city. The overall experience that this place offers does not disappoint.


ManzanitaManzanita is an absolutely charming beach town on the Oregon coast. It is located just south of the incredibly popular Cannon Beach and has very similar sand to sink your toes into. People go there to surf and to just relax on the beach. There are lots of vacation homes that can be rented as well as a few inns you can stay at. There are even a few boutique stores if you’re looking to do a little shopping.

Ocean Shores

Ocean ShoresLess than a 3 hour drive from Seattle, Ocean Shores is a popular coastal destination in Washington State. It is situated along the ocean and is home to miles of sandy beach. The sand is incredibly fine and feels very soft in your hands but this is still the Pacific Northwest so the beach is usually firm and wet. You will often see cars, campers and scooters driving along the beach. Over 5000 people live in the city so there are several amenities in town including restaurants, grocery stores and hotels.

San Juan Islands

San Juan IslandsIf you are looking to find your own island paradise away from the rat race, but still within comfortable distance of Seattle, then you may want to take a look at the real estate opportunities on the San Juan Islands. There is a wide range of empty lots that can meet any budget. If you are looking for somewhere to build your dream vacation home with and oceanfront view then you should be able to find a solution on the San Juan Islands.